Santosh Prem Dhungle

5'2", 95 lbs., age 17


Super strength that can lift up to 3 tons, above normal speed, reflexes and agility. Ice powers limited to how much moisture his body can hold (ie, drink lots of water) Rapid self healing.

All powers derive from  a magic wool suit, which also comes with a grappling hook and rope, kukri knife, and  storage satchel, all of which he can summon  or unsummon at will from some pocket  dimension.  Suit can repair itself over time.

      Raised in a harsh abusive household until his suit mysteriously collided into him.  Since then, Santosh has tried becoming a famous crimefighting superhero, but its really just an attempt to fill in the hole lef tin him by his loveless childhood.

      Though still a verible source of snark, irritability, and self congratulating, he's become more humbled and introspective after certain events.  He's grown a little more open, and is bonding positively more with his peers, than just sharing interests with Torbert back at Chiron's Class.  Yet still there remains a streak of selfish, angry indignation at his current situation in life.  Which of these aspects will win out in the coming days?

Zachary Jagendorf, alias Skeet

6' 2", 200 lbs., age 23


When he touches people with his hands, he can drain their strength and stamina, leaving them too tired to do anything for several hours.  The stolen energy he can metabolize into a temporary increase of strength, and can lift up to 2 tons.  If he drained an enrgy superpower from a metahuman, he can shhot the energy back out.  Or he can give back people's energy if he sees fit to do so. 

Also has a mechanical wing pack attached by his leather jacket, controlled by a chip in his brain.  Is a purple belt in martial arts, and posseses somewhat limited mechanical skills.

      Growing up in a wealthy family, Zach was learned in the world of engineering and mechanics.  When his green skin and powers manifested, his life's path changed forever.  At Chiron's Class, he learned not only acceptance and control over his draining touch, but also pressing social issues and leadership.  With the shut down of Chiron's Class, Zach's path now takes another drastic redirection, this time leading a small band against a growing swarm of insane criminal lowlifes.

      To his pupils, Zach is stern and commanding, but is careful to not demmand too much, and stays as caring and supportive as he can be.  In battle, Zach makes the most of what he has, retains and applies data of opponent's strengths and weaknesses.  Yet he can still adapt his tactics on the fly.  Zach will stay resolute in his quest to get the national metahuman community back to running smoothly along with humanity.

Allison Marnsdale, alias Caber

5' 9" 190 lbs.  age 16


Super strength that can lift about 25 tons, enhanced durability that can withstand small arms fire, but not without sustaining welts.  Flight.  And a healing touch that must be used sparingly because it takes up a lot of her energy.

      Born with powers amongst a large supportive family out in the country, Allison (often called "Al" by her loved ones) has always had a bright and warm demeanor.  Religious, and with slight inclinations towards having things be natural, traditional and proper, Al nevertheless tries to be receptive to new things. 

      She can have a streak of hot headedness, especially when it coems to people being vain selfish or cruel.  The expiriments and surgeries of Dreambreaker really strike a nerve.  Al is not the brightest or most emotionally stable, but her strength. bravery and love of life help carry her team through.

Danielle Sartch

5' 7", 128 lbs., age 17


Learned in a magic whereby she becomes a conduit to enrgies emanating from the earth.  Can bend and direct the enrgies into shots, burts or beams for combat, or into protective shields.  Also has some profeciency in illusions, and short length teleportation. 

Has dabbled in some matter altering techniques, but takes much greater energy and concentartion, so would need to be prepared in advanced wards, imbued into something.

      Never knowing her parents, or where she came form, danielle was raised and taught by an older african woman, Mma Gazi. since Gazi's death, danielle has felt lost and unsure of herself.  But now having got back to traveling in the wilderness, countryside and small towns, this time with friends, her confidence gorws. 

      Danielle is normally warm and supportive, but has a more abrasive, almost teasing relationship with Torbert.  Despite some lingering self-doubts and guilt, Danielle is often one of the more level headed, down to business members of the team along with Zach.

Torbert Canady, alias Meatbag

5' 5" 180 lbs.  age 15


Is virtually indistructable to all forms of external harm and damage.  Can alter his weight so he isn't sent flying by strong attacks. 

Can also mysteriouly repair his set of ordinary glasses when no one is looking.

      A wild, energetic, egotistical ball of comedy, Torbert tires to brighten up his team's day but with dubious success.  Having been born an illigetimate child, and his mother dying right next to him in a car accident, Torbert went through a series of foster homes, where his humor and nerdy escapist interests became his only comfort. 

      At Chiron's Class, he befriended Santosh, the two of them sharing some interest in Science fiction shows and superheroic aspirations.  Torbert has had a demmanding attitude among members of the opposite sex, particularily Danielle.

Garret Baker, alias Draug

7' 8", 275 lbs. age 26


Super strength that can lift about 5 tons, he can turn himself intangible, and fire energy shots from his cannon fingers.  Has not been able to cognectivly figure out everything his demon body can do.

      Once an I.T. guy driving back home late one night, he was attacked by a shipwreck demon and accidently got trapped in its body by Danielle.  Garret has had an incredible amount of things to adapt to, from neing unable to use computers or devices, to having his girlfriend  of 3 years break up with him for good. 

      He has much to be bitter about, but gradually Garret is accepting the new turn in his life with a kind of grace and calmness.


5' 5", weight and age unknown


Assorted arcane and scientific knowledge and surgical skill and precision when creating creatures or tansforming people.  Has a great deal of combat magic as well, but his particular brand of magic gets stronger, the longer he doesn't use it.

      A mysterious man that makes monsters, either by abducting innocent people and subjecting them to heinous life ruining surgeries, or creating new life and putting it through its own twisted miseries.  Occasionally he will create, transform, or imbue clients with power for money.  He enjoys having a sense of control or at least expertise over metas, and despises freaks of nature like Al, or freaks of happenstance like Torbert. 

      Dreambreaker is a behind the scenes manipulator, rarely venturing out himself, and usually lets his various agents, or creations that are loyal conduct his business abroad.  despite his vaguely medieval European costume, he may be of Indian or Nepali origin, and has some sort of special interest in Santosh.


7'  5", weight and age unknown


Creates and swarms of playing cards thta are incredibly hard and sharp and manipulates them into a variety of shapes and forms. Also has some sort of above normal human strength, and can levitate and teleport in a puff of smoke.

When taking hits, he can just disappear and reform himself elsewhere.  Only attacks he cannot see do anly real damage, and can cripple him for a while.

      Dreambreaker's chief agent in recreating the Atrocious Nation of Sin.  Pokerface has a teasing, playful personality on the outside, like calling zach "greenie" much to Zach's irritation, or refering to his own big plot as a "game".

      But underneath it all, lurks a cold, calculating mind who uses manipulative tricks to keep his troops in line.  though he himself is under some unexplained limitations he calls "the rules".  His origins are unknown, and its not even clear if he was ever a human.