Comic 47 - Crushing Guilt pg 22
16th Feb 2017, 6:37 PM in Crushing Guilt
Crushing Guilt pg 22
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Author Notes:
kyrtuck edit delete
None of the group actually has X-ray vision, the Margrave captain is just making broad strokes at methumanity in general.
User comments:
RoseLaflesh edit delete reply
Did a metahuman kill his mother or something?
kyrtuck edit delete reply
Nahh, its just general bias. Plus the Margraves are all about protecting against Metahumans, even when its a superhero with too loose of a leash as they'd say.
RoseLaflesh edit delete reply
I see. Well, with a mech that big, one has to wonder if he's compensating for more than just the ability gap between him and metahumans.